Original name: Dokhi Apso

The Tibetan Terriers are said to originate from "The Lost Valley" in Tibet. They were first raised in Lama monasteries nearly 2000 years ago,
when they were known as "Holy Dogs" and "Luck bringers". They were never sold, but given as gifts to the visiting Lama monks
for protection and to show them the way home - as well as bringing peace and happiness to their monasteries.
On rare occasions they were given to people in gratitude, or as thanks for favours carried out.
Due to this, the valuable breed spread across the land and was appreciated by all. 

Even though the Tibetan Terriers sometimes were used as guard dogs or herding dogs, they were first and foremost
appreciated as true companions, devoted to their family and home.
The Tibetans called them "The Little People" and treated them as the children of the family. 

The breed was first introduced to England in the 1930's by Dr. Greig.
She was head of a woman's hospital in India.
She operated on a Tibetan merchants wife who was suffering from a tumour.
During the treatment she let the merchants' wife's heavily pregnant bitch stay with her in the hospital.
As a token of her thanks the merchants wife gave Dr. Greig one of the Tibetan Terrier puppies.

Dr. Greig came from a dog breeding family in England,
and through her the first Tibetan Terrier came to Europe