Quintana from the Good Heath

Call name Tana
 *22-5-1992   +16-4-2004



He watches my every move As I clean up after him.
He tries to lap up his mistake. His amber eyes growing dim,
show me he's sorry. I tell him it's okay.

He's lost so much weight. The vet tells me it's his age.
The muscle tone is not as strong as it used to be,
but his appetite is.

He still can run by the fence and bark a loud warning
to anyone who comes too close. One day, he'll look at me with dimmer eyes.
I know it's bound to come.

Her legs will give out
and he won't be able to get up.
Until then, we still can have our hugs and walks.

And when it's his time, his memory
will be etched in my brain
until I meet him again.
And I know I will.

Rest in peace , you were the perfect leader

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